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The Good Book occasionally appears to be by far the most convoluted, contradictory, difficult compilation of reports ever written, but the internet based guide, eliminates much of the difficulty of understanding verses. For the faithful seeking one of 12 editions of the Bible, it is readily available for use at the internet based information center, ranging from the well-known King James Bible to the original Hebrew version to the Revised Standard Version and Young’s Literal Translation. Any of those online Bible versions can be searched by typing in a expression or a word and clicking on the search button. also contains “Famous Bible Passages,” “Bible Promises” and “What the Bible Says to Kids.” Everything About the Bible, from the account of the English Bible, research on how it influenced the United States and Great Quotes about the Bible can all be found. Day by day scripture for worship and reading is posted for the faithful. Together with basic studies, the internet site teaches users what they require to understand and translate Bible verses, which is in the end the purpose of studying the Bible. Its Bible Answers present scriptural discernment of concerns including faith, suicide, pornography, diet, healing, tattoos and vegetarianism. provides precise, speedy results for readers to comprehend the words of Christ in verse, in addition to learning how to augment faith and gain insight. Biblical scholars, two ordained ministers and a host of Bible scripture references supply the foundation for much of the subject matter on the useful, simple-to-use website. Rev. Betty Miller outlines in the portion on “How to Study the Bible,” that the use of Bible study tools makes the ideas of biblical text understandable. These consist of a concordance book, which defines the uses of words within the Bible. She conveys a number of other customary sources, too, such as dictionaries and commentaries for individuals looking for in-depth studies. Rev. Miller explains the best approaches to Biblical interpretation, using “hermeneutics” in which words in biblical text are typically interpreted by other scripture about the same theme. Further, five “Principles of Interpretation” demonstrate a educated approach to Bible scripture. Lastly, Rev. Miller recommends that those who search for a relationship with Christ should “prove” or test religious leaders and ministers before they decide to follow them. The three guidelines: how they speak, their way of living and the “fruits of their spirits.” Those who use will encounter a treasure trove of documents and sources that will explain to them what they need to better understand Bible verses. Hence, the Rev. Miller affirms it will help them to get wisdom and intensity to pursue the view of the Bible. Christians who study Bible passages consistently will not only be able to add learning and devotion from the Word, but will also draw closer to God and improve their faith.


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